Rodent Removal

Rodent Removal Portland

You may have heard scurrying in your walls, noticed droppings, or caught a rodent in the act of stealing food. Waiting to act allows mice and rats time to reproduce, cause further property damage, and spread contagions. The time for rodent removal in Portland is now, and with New Leaf Pest Control you’ll get fast service and guaranteed results. Call today (503) 389-3396.

There are a number of signs you want to look for that can indicate the presence of mice and rats.

  • Droppings – These are small oval shaped pellets that are firm to the touch, they are typically found anywhere rats or mice eat or hide. Common places include pantries, bags, and beams.
  • Noise – Scurrying noises, clacking sounds from their nails on hard surfaces, and squeaks are all common rat noises. They are more active at night and it will be easier to hear any sounds.
  • Gnaw marks and holes – Rodents need to keep their teeth down and will chew on nearly anything. Wood and wires are favorites, you may also find holes in food packaging that are quite evident.

Professional Portland Rodent Removal

Though there are some steps you can take to reduce the problem, like sealing up food containers, without professional rodent removal it is likely to get worse. A single mouse can produce up to 56 babies a year, and a single rat can produce up to 84. It often doesn’t take long before a small rodent removal job turns into a large one.

We offer a free, no risk inspection of your Portland property. A New Leaf rodent exterminator in Portland will examine your property to determine the cause and scope of your infestation and how far it has spread. We’ll go over it with you afterwards, and give you as much time as you need to decide how to proceed.

If you decide we are the right company for your rodent removal in Portland, we’ll get to work immediately. Our rodent removal experts come prepared so as soon as we get the go ahead, we’ll formulate and carry out a removal plan designed specifically around the unique layout of your property. Every infestation is different, and we believe rodent removal Portland a case by case basis provides much more targeted rodent removal that gets better results than a blanket approach.

Green Rodent Removal

Using pet and child safe methods, we use tamperproof boxes that contain bait specifically designed to work with a rodents’ unique biology. This bait is toxic to rodents but safe for cats, dogs, and other pets. Our targeted approach ensures every precaution is taken, and we always strive to use the smallest amount of treatment products necessary to facilitate complete rodent removal Portland.

Not only do we get rodents at the source, we’ll also address any entry points on your property and advise you on other actions that reduce the likelihood of a rodent infestation. This often include removal of refuse, air tight sealing of food items, and blocking of entry points leading into the home from below. We can even repair damage or contamination that has already occurred, bringing your home back to a fully pre-infestation state.

When you want comprehensive, professional, guaranteed rodent removal in Portland call (503) 389-3396 or contact us today.