Pet and Child Safety

Pet safe pest controlThe very first thing people want to know before having us treat their home is usually, “is this going to be safe for my kids and/ or my pets?”  You want to get rid of pests, but only if it means that you are not putting the smaller members of your family at any kind of risk at all.  We all have kids and pets of our own and wouldn’t think of doing anything that could potentially bring any harm.  So, the answer to the question is “yes, our treatments are safe”.

The next question that you might ask is “will this actually take care of my problem?”  The answer to that question is also “yes”!  We stand behind everything we do and will clearly outline what your expectations should be before we begin our treatments.  This way, if we don’t live up to the expectations that we have set, we will make it right.  We can say that because of the approach that New Leaf takes towards pest control.  We mainly use “Green” products that are less toxic than traditional pesticides whenever possible and take great care and responsibility with anything that we apply.  Also, we use a method of pest control treatment referred to as “integrated pest management”.  Essentially, this means that we put together a strategic plan to treat a specific target pest in your home.   This plan always strives to limit your family and your home to unneeded exposure to pest control products while effectively taking care of the problem at hand.

If you have any questions regarding safety or the products that we use, please do not hesitate to contact us.