Wildlife Control

Nuisance pest control in Portland MetroWe have plenty of wildlife in the Pacific Northwest.  It is not uncommon to see raccoons, opossums and even the occasional skunk in residential neighborhoods in our cities.  Sometimes these critters try to make your home, their home and that is when you have some real problems.

Free Pest Control InspectionThese animals are looking for a place that provides warmth, shelter and place to nest and have babies.  Unfortunately, your crawl space might offer the ideal location for raccoons, opossums and skunks to make themselves at home.  Nuisance wildlife can do a significant amount of damage to this area of the home.  They can pull down the insulation from the subfloor, disconnect air ducts and leave behind a severely contaminated space in their wake.

Many times people are alerted to the fact that they have wildlife living under their home when they hear scratching noises or other movement under their home.  Sometimes, it is the family dog that tips them off when they start barking and looking down and air vent.  Other signs that should concern you is if you actually see nuisance wildlife roaming around your home.  You should do a walk around your home to see if any of the foundation vent screen are not intact.  If you suspect that an animal might be under your home, we DO NOT recommend that you go into the crawl space.

What You Can Do:

Make sure to not have any potential food sources available to them.  Usually they will feed on bird feeders or pet food dishes that have been left outside.

What We Can Do:

There is a lot of skill that goes into to safely and humanely catching nuisance wildlife.  It can be a messy job and a little bit dangerous.  We are skilled in getting the job done and then cleaning and repairing the damages that they left behind.  We also can seal up any entry points to ensure that another animal does not get in again.

If you have signs of nuisance wildlife in or around your home, we would be pleased to hear from you.  Let us know if we can help you or free to just call to ask a few questions.  You can also visit our dedicated Portland wildlife control website.