How To Get Rid Of Spiders

As a pest control company in Vancouver, Washington, we get a lot of calls from customers that have spiders. Our moderate, typically wet climate is perfect for spiders to live and thrive. Many of our customers that call us have very similar questions. Maybe you are considering having us treat your home for spiders, or perhaps you have some questions. Either way, take a look at some of the most common questions that we get asked below:

How much does a spider treatment cost?

Our spider treatment costs are pretty simple. We offer a $98.00 online coupon that covers a primary spider treatment. This is a targeted approach that addresses either the inside or outside of the home and works great for smaller issues. We also offer a Whole Home Treatment that is typically around $198.00 that covers all areas of the house and generally comes with a short term warranty.

Are the products you use safe?

Yes! The products that we use are designed to work within the specific biology of an exoskeleton spider or insect. Each of our products are registered with the EPA and vigorously tested before being approved to use inside of the home. In addition to this, the product that we trend towards in all of our treatments is a type of Pyrethrin known as “bifenthrin” that is a safe, Green option. One of our only precautions is that we ask that people or pets do not touch the product while it is still wet. For more information on the products that we use or our safety protocol, please call in.

What kind of poisonous spiders do we have in the Portland Metro area?

All spiders are venomous to an extent, but the only spiders that can do serious harm to humans are the big three (black widow, brown recluse and hobo spider). All of these are rare in this area. Black Widow spiders are extremely rare and are mostly found here from furniture or supplies shipped from other regions. Brown Recluse spiders are even rarer and are typically found in the southern states where a warmer climate exists. Only the Hobo spider is generally seen here in the Pacific Northwest, and even that spider is rare. For more information on these spiders and how to tell them apart, go to our Spider Information Page.

How do I prepare to have you treat my house?

When we treat the inside of your home, we are focusing on the baseboards to create a perimeter. Be sure to pick up any clothes or other items off of the floor. There is no need to move any larger furniture because we can spray around those items. If you have any pets, be sure to remove any food dishes or toys. Kid toys should also be picked up or moved to the center of the room.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas

As a pest control company in Vancouver, Washington, we get a lot of calls for flea control. As the weather begins to warm up and the cat and dog spend more and more time outside, flea infestations start to make their way into Portland Metro area homes. Typically, when people call us, they have several questions. Most of these questions are the same for just about every customer. So, to make things simple for you, we have included these questions and answers below. If you have fleas in your home and are interested in getting treatment, please review the questions below, and if you don’t see what you are looking for, be sure to call us up!

How much does a flea treatment cost?

Typically between $98 and $249. The cost of the treatment will vary depending on the size of the home and infestation. We prefer to set up a free inspection and estimate before quoting a firm price so that we can gauge the situation and come up with an appropriate action plan to get rid of the fleas, but we can also estimate over the phone.

Are the products you use safe?

We carry a wide variety of products and always apply them according to the product label. Keep in mind that all of the products that we use are governed by the EPA and have gone through several years of testing to ensure that they can be safely used in the home. With that being said, we also have our precautions that we would go over with you before applying anything. Most importantly, we want to make sure you feel comfortable with our treatments, and we will take the time to discuss them with you and answer any questions. Our priority is always to keep you and your family safe.

Do I need to do any prep work before having you treat?

Yes. When we apply our treatment, we will be primarily focusing on the floor. Be sure to have any clothes, clutter, or other items picked up so that your home is prepared. If you have kids or pets, be sure toys and food dishes are not left on the ground as well. Don’t worry about moving furniture, as we can spray around it. Lastly, a good vacuuming is helpful right before we arrive. Be sure to empty the contents of your vacuum bag or canister outside when you are done.

What store-bought products are helpful?

If you are calling us to treat the fleas, there is very little you will need to do. However, it would be critical to make sure that your pets are being treated with some flea medication so that they are not always bringing in more fleas. As far as store-bought products, some of them are very counterproductive. For example, the worst thing that you could do is to set off a “flea bomb.” These products have almost no residual and just let off a repellent that will drive fleas deeper into walls, cracks, and crevices.

Do you guarantee that you will get rid of my fleas on the first treatment?

No. Fleas usually have to be treated at least twice before we can fully exterminate them. A flea egg will generally take 2 to 3 weeks to hatch, so we recommend doing a follow-up treatment about three weeks after our initial application. The cost of this follow up will be determined by the technician that first comes to your home and is often included in your initial treatment. Either way, the technician will lay out the expectations for you.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

As a pest control company serving the entire Portland Metro area, we get a lot of calls from people struggling with bed bugs. Bed bugs are a problem that seems to be getting worse in Portland, Oregon. With infestations spreading at an alarming rate, it is essential to get the correct information so that you know how to deal with them. Here are some typical questions that we get regarding our bed bug treatments.

How much does a bed bug treatment cost?

Bed bugs are challenging to exterminate. The cost of getting rid of them depends upon how bad they are and how far they have spread. Unfortunately, this is not something that can be easily determined over the phone, and a free home inspection will have to be set up to firm up the price. Most companies in the area will charge anywhere from $250 to $350 per room. Our prices are a bit lower and generally run around the $200 range per infested room.

Do you have coupons available?

Yes, we have a $50 off coupon that you can use if your treatment cost is over $200.

Do you guarantee that my bed bugs will be gone?

Yes, as long as you follow our treatment plan. Getting rid of bed bugs is a difficult task that requires a team effort. We will put together a treatment plan and give you some advice, but it is up to you to follow it. If you are doing everything that is asked of you and we are treating, the bed bugs will be gone! However, it is essential to keep in mind that most bed bug infestations will need more than one treatment. On average, it takes 2 to 3 visits before a bed bug infestation can be successfully exterminated.

Are the products you use safe?

Any product or chemical can be unsafe if not used correctly. Our technicians take great care in keeping you and your family safe while applying our products. Keep in mind that the products that we use have been registered and extensively tested by the EPA. The EPA determines the safety protocol for each product, and we follow the EPA’s specifications correctly. We always trend towards products that are safe and environmentally friendly, but we carry a large variety of options. Whatever we use, you can be sure that we will apply it in a manner that is safe for your family.

How do I prepare for a bed bug treatment?

Take any linens, clothes, bedsheets, etc. in the room we are about to treat and put them in garbage bags (being careful not to spread the problem). Then, you can take the bags to the utility room and transfer the items into the dryer on high heat for about 30 minutes. This will kill any bed bugs or eggs. Next, be sure to have the room free of clutter. We will need to take apart the bed and will need room to do so. Then, any nightstands or dressers near the bed should be emptied (again, placing the contents in garbage bags or some other container). Lastly, it is helpful to vacuum before we arrive. After you finish cleaning, be sure to dispose of the contents of the vacuum bag or container outside.

How much does it cost to have you do an inspection?

It is free! Call us today or use the contact form to the right to set it up.

How To Get Rid Of Rats

As a pest control company in Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington, we get a lot of calls for people looking to exterminate rodents. Rats and mice are abundant in the Pacific Northwest and can be found in just about any home. Rodents are not an urban problem and not a rural problem; they are a problem in both settings. Typically when people call looking for us to do a rodent control treatment, the questions we hear are usually the same. Maybe you are interested in having a rodent treatment and have some of the same questions below!

How much does a rodent treatment cost?

A typical treatment is usually between $98 and $198. Every house is different and requires an independent approach to solving any pest control problems. With that in mind, we try and tailor our treatments to fit within the quoted range. Our prices are among the lowest in the industry.

I saw your $98 coupon online. What does that cover?

Excellent! Our coupon pricing is a great value, and you can apply it towards a primary pest control treatment. This coupon is for a one-time treatment and covers baiting on the inside, outside, or crawl space of the house. This will be perfect for a smaller infestation.

Do you guarantee that my rodents will be gone?

We have warranty programs available, but we do not quote guarantees unless we have had a chance to do a home inspection. Sometimes a home can have several conducive conditions that contribute to the problem, and we would need to make sure that those conditions are eliminated before proceeding with any warranty program. However, what we can guarantee is that you will be satisfied with our service. If you are unhappy with our service, please give us a call, and we promise to make it right!

Is rodent bait safe for my kids and pets?

Our job is to make sure we keep you and your family safe while getting rid of your rodents. We do this by placing our rodent baits in tamper-proof boxes strategically around the house in places where they will be undisturbed. Also, the bait that we use is a safer option than many alternative approaches. For example, the bait that we use is lethal to rodents, but not nearly as toxic to humans or pets. This is because a rodent cannot throw up and get the bait out of its system, where a person, dog, or cat does. That means that a lethal dose to a rodent is a relatively small amount of bait, but a lethal dose to a household pet would have to be a very, very large amount. This is a question that can be answered in a great deal of detail, so please call us if you would like more info.

How long does the treatment last?

The bait inside of the rodent stations is relatively protected from the elements, but over time moisture will ruin the bait. In a dry place, like inside your crawl space, for example, the bait will last several months. Outside bait stations are not likely to last longer than about 2 to 3 months.

How do I set up a free inspection with a New leaf Pest Control technician?

Call us or use the contact form to the right. We look forward to working with you!

How To Get Rid Of Sugar Ants

As a pest control company in Portland and Vancouver, we get a lot of calls from customers needing ant control. Ants are everywhere in the northwest, and nearly every home will experience them at some point. Rarely do people call without asking a few questions, and it seems that the questions that our customers typically ask are remarkably similar. Maybe you are considering having us come out and take care of an ant problem in your house and have some of these same questions. So, read on below, and hopefully, we can answer some of them for you.

How much does an ant treatment cost?

A typical ant treatment usually between $98 and $198. Keep in mind, every home is different, and the price will depend on the size of the house and the extent of the infestation. Also, the treatment method varies from sugar ants to carpenter ants to moisture ants, etc. Several factors determine the overall price, but we are almost always in the price range stated above.

I saw your $98 coupon online. What does that cover?

Using the coupon is an excellent value for primary treatment. We have developed a basic treatment for just about every pest for $98.00. For ant control, our coupon price covers either an inside or an outside treatment. If you have sugar ants, you will probably want to do an inside treatment, and if you have carpenter ants, you will probably want to do an outside treatment. If your situation calls for more than a standard treatment, we will likely recommend something more advanced, but the choice is yours.

Do you guarantee that the ants will be gone?

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work. Let me explain. First, understand that we are dealing with nature and that results are not always the same for each situation. When we first come to your house, we might see several conducive conditions that are adding to your ant problem, and we work together with you on a plan to solve your ant infestation. Sometimes this plan involves a couple of treatments and sometimes just one. What we will do is stand by the expectations that we layout before our first treatment. If you feel like you didn’t get what you paid for, please call us and let us make it right, guaranteed!

Is an ant treatment safe for my kids/pets?

Yes! The products that we use for ants are designed to kill an insect. These products are smartly designed to work within the biology of an exoskeleton insect and have very low toxicity for mammals. Gone are the days of extermination companies spraying toxic chemicals all over your house. We rely on industry-leading products that are safely designed to be used in your home. Consider this, many of the cleaning products that you keep under your sink are far more toxic than anything we would use. Still, we exercise extreme caution in applying pest control products safely and responsibly.

How long does it take for you to get rid of my ants?

That is a common question that is very hard to answer. Your ant infestation did not happen overnight and (unfortunately) cannot be rid of overnight. The bigger the colony, the longer it will take for them to go away. Generally, we start to see an improvement within a few days, but it can take a couple of weeks. It depends on how many ants become infected with our product and how quickly they can spread it around. Usually, if you are still seeing ants after about a month, we would like you to call us.

You just treated my house, and now the ants are worse!

Sometimes there is a process called “flushing” that takes place after our treatment. It doesn’t happen very often, but it is unpleasant when it does. You hired us to get rid of your ants, and now they are even worse, right?  Well, not really. You already had a large nest of ants, but you didn’t see all of them at the same time. Since we are using baits to draw some of the worker ants out, it can sometimes work too well and bring them out in large numbers. As far as pest control goes, this is a good thing and can help kill the nest even quicker, but for homeowners, this is a bad thing! Usually, this period of flushing only lasts a day or so, but please call us if this happens so we can talk you through it.

How long does the treatment last?

We do a combination of spraying and baiting. The sprays breakdown by light and last anywhere from 30 to 90 days, depending on where they are applied, but the bait will not last much longer than about 30 days. This is why we sometimes recommend follow up treatments or maintenance plans so that we can “refresh” our treatments and keep the ants away.