Oregon City, Oregon Pest Control

New Leaf Pest Control services all of Oregon City.  We are a local, family owned business that started this company because we wanted to be a different kind of pest control company in the Portland area.  We decided to start a business that took care of the customer and did not pressure them into purchasing unnecessary pest control treatments.

During our time servicing the Oregon City area, we have found that some pests are more prevalent than others.  For example, subterranean termites are not common in many of the areas that we serve, but we have found them to be very common in Oregon City.  Termites do more damage than any other wood destroying pest in the world and should be taken care of quickly to avoid costly repairs.  We have also observed that we get a lot of calls for sugar ants.  Although sugar ants are not harmful to you or to the structure of your home, they sure can be a nuisance and be frustrating to deal with.

When you get out to the more rural area of Oregon City, you start to see a different set of pest problems.  Mostly, this comes in the form of rodents.  Mice are common when you get a little further from the city and can be a big problem for home owners because of the damage that rodents can do to your crawl space.

Regardless of what pests you are dealing with, we are able to get the job done!  We offer free inspections to assess what is going on and offer you a comprehensive plan to eliminate your pest issues.  You can also check out our coupon page to find some deals.  We would love to hear from you and talk to you about how we can solve all your pest problems.  Please call us today!