La Center, Washington is a mixture of some very rural areas that spread out deep in the hills, as well as some urban areas next to the casinos in town.  For La Center, Washington Pest Control you can count on some of the usual pests that you see in more rural areas.  We have several customers on quarterly maintenance plans for rodents.  With a large population of mice in the area, it is always a good idea to do some preventative maintenance.

This is accomplished by placing several rodent bait stations around the home and sometimes even underneath the home.  Placing rodent bait stations around the home is an excellent way to keep mice and rat populations down.  In some cases, we have found that rodents have gained access to the crawl space underneath a customers home and done significant damage.   Nesting in the insulation can cause all kinds of problems.  First, it contaminates the space with feces and urine.  This contamination is unhealthy for home owners to breathe and it can seep up through the floor and into the living space.  For homes with a lot of contamination issues, we recommend doing a crawl space restoration.  Basically, this entails removing all contaminated materials, including insulation and vapor barrier, doing a disinfecting fog and then replacing with new materials.

Aside from rodents, La Center also has its fair share of ants.  Generally, we get extermination calls for sugar ants (those tiny black ants in your kitchen and bathroom) and also for carpenter ants, which are a wood destroying pest.

Regardless of what pest issue you are dealing with, if you live in the La Center, Washington area and are in need of an exterminator, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call us.  New Leaf Pest Control would love the opportunity to earn your trust and to earn your business.