Crawl Space Restoration

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A crawl space is an area of the home that most people rarely frequent.  It seems like an unimportant part of the house where ducts and pipes and wires are stored, but keeping this area of the home healthy is critically important since up to 40% of the air that we breathe comes from here.

Crawl space restorations are needed when this area of the home becomes contaminated to a point where it is creating an unhealthy environment in the rest of the home.  This is typically caused by rodents or nuisance wildlife nesting in the area and leaving behind urine and feces.  Sometimes the need for a crawl space restoration arises out of excessive moisture conditions that allow mold and other dangers to form under the home.
Regardless of the cause, crawl space restorations can be very costly.  Restoration projects can sometimes cost between $1000 and $5000, yet many home owners do not get multiple bids for the work.  It may be because of this that we have seen so many companies grossly overprice this service and really try to hard sell the home owner.  At New Leaf, we don’t believe in high pressure sales tactics and feel that a straight forward approach is always best.  We will thoroughly inspect your home for free and give you our recommendations in writing, along with digital pictures of any areas of concern.

We believe that this approach is enough to earn your business, but realize that price is important too.  In all of our years in the industry, we have never seen a competing bid that we have not been able to match or beat.  If you are needing a crawl space restoration on your home or you need a second opinion, please allow us the opportunity to serve you.

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