Portland rodent controlRats and mice can cause all kinds of problems for home owners without proper control.  For starters, rodents can carry diseases that can create an unhealthy environment in your home.  According to the Center For Disease Control, rodents carry up to 35 different diseases.  Many of these diseases are spread through their droppings, so if you have rodent feces in your home, you should take extreme care in cleaning them up.

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Also, if you are seeing signs of rodent activity inside of your home, you almost certainly have many more in either your crawl space or basement.  Rodents typically nest in the insulation under your home and since up to 40% of the air you breathe comes directly from your crawl space, it is critical to not let them go unchecked.
Rats and mice can reproduce at a very fast rate.  For example, a female mouse can have up to 72 babies a year!  So, addressing them quickly is the key to not letting them get out of control.

Treatment for rodents is done in a way that is very safe for your pets and children.  We supply tamperproof boxes filled with a specially designed bait that works within a rodents biology differently than that of other mammals.  It is for this reason that the products that we use are toxic to rodents, but safe for pets.  Even so, we use every precaution when treating your home to keep you and your family safe.

What You Can Do:

Consider removing rodent food sources like bird feeders, pet food dishes or compost piles.  Try to eliminate any potential factors that might be drawing mice or rats near your home.  Also, if you have foliage, grass or shrubs near your home that provide shelter to rodents, you should consider removing them as well.

What We Can Do:

We already told you how our rodent baits work, but we also want to get to the heart of the problem.  Our treatments address the extermination of the rodents, their entry points and the overall health of your home.  We are able to clean or repair any contamination or damage that has taken place and make your home healthy again.

If you are having problems with rodents and need some help, we would love to assist you.  If you would like a free inspection or just want to ask a few questions, we would welcome your call.

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