Lake Oswego, Oregon Pest Control

Oswego Lake stretches out and covers over 400 acres of land, providing the homes that surround it a spectacular view of the water.  This body of water makes up the majority of the city of Lake Oswego.  It is an affluent area, a beautiful city and a wonderful place to live.  Unfortunately, some pests also think it is a wonderful place to live.

For pest control in Lake Oswego, we have observed a few trends that seem to be consistent in regards to pest issues.  The primary pest that we treat here is mice.  Generally homes that are near water have problems with mice.  This is not usually because of the water itself, but all the foliage surrounding the water that creates an ideal shelter for rodents.  Although mice are the more common rodent of this area, we have seen plenty of rat infestations as well.

Since we know rodents to be  a problem in the area, we suggest having a periodic inspection of your crawl space to ensure that rodents are not nesting and damaging your home.  When severe damage and contamination occur under your home, we will typically suggest a crawl space restoration which can be costly, albeit necessary.

Other pest issues that seem to be fairly common in the area are carpenter ants, sugar ants and spiders.  Regardless of what pest issue you face in Lake Oswego, we would love the opportunity to serve you.  Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or if you would like to set up a free pest control inspection of your home.