Box Elder Beetle Control

Portland box elder beetle treatmentBox Elder Beetles are those ugly looking black beetles that can completely cover your home.  They are just a nuisance pest and do not do any damage to your home, but they sure can be unsightly to look at.  They will typically congregate on the south side of your home and just hang out and reproduce in the sun all day.  Large infestations of these insects can seemingly pop up over night and can quickly get out of hand.

Portland and Vancouver Pest Control CouponsThey can be intimidating in such large numbers and although they cannot bite, they have a piercing, sucking mouth part that can actually puncture the skin.  When they fly, they make a rather loud buzzing noise and it can frightening when they buzz by your head.  Also, they tend to get inside of your home through windows and doors when you have a large number of them crawling on the home.  Either way you slice it, they are just unpleasant to have around.

Luckily, they are a seasonal pest that typically are only around in the spring or fall, so at least you do not have to deal with them all year.  However, by having a pest control company treat these when you do have them, it ensures that they will not come back as strong the next time around.

What You Can Do:

As far as over the counter pest control products are concerned, there really are not any good options that will work very effectively.  If you want to try the do-it-yourself route before giving us a call, you can try using a power washer with a  little bit of soap in it.  This will not ultimately solve your problem, but it will help out as a deterrent.

What We Can Do:

We carry effective, professional pest control products that can easily put this problem to rest.  We treat the exterior portion of the home that is having activity and can treat inside around the doors and windows to stop them from getting into your home as well.

If you are having difficulties with getting rid of box elder beetles and would like some help or at least some advice, please contact us.  We would love the opportunity to assist you!