Clackamas Oregon Pest Control

If you are searching for a pest control company in the area, you probably realize that you have a lot of options available to you.  We are just one of many pest control companies in Clackamas, so why choose us?  We could tell you that we are “Green”, but so are many others.  we could tell you that we offer exceptional service and great prices, but you have probably heard that too.  What we really want you to hear is that we really want your business.  We are a young company that is working really hard to build an excellent reputation in your city.  By choosing to do business with us, you are supporting a local company that “gets it”.  We understand that you, the customer, is what keeps us in business and we want to treat you right!  We hope to have the opportunity to do so.

Some of the common pest issues that we have been seeing in Clackamas County are ants and rodents.  Sugar ants are by far the most prolific pest in the area.  I am sure that you are aware of them or have even had them invade your home.  They can be pretty tricky to get rid of at times and many customers seek our help in treating them.  Another common pest in the area are rodents (mice and rats).  Many people opt to try and set snap traps around the house, but this method can sometimes not even keep up with the reproductive rate and just might not work.  We have some great products that can quickly and effectively take care of your rodent issues.

If you are struggling with these pest issues or any others, please give us a call.  We would love to hear from you and have the chance to earn your business!