Wasps and Bees

Portland metro pest controlIn a lot of ways, wasps and bees can be helpful to your home and garden.  Bees will pollinate and make your garden look beautiful and wasps can eat many plant destroying insects around your home.  However, they can also pose a threat to home owners because of their sting, which about 1 out 3 people are allergic to.  If you have an area near your home that has an active bee or wasp nest, it is best to steer clear.  If they are in an area that someone could potentially get stung, you may want to give us a call.  It has been estimated that about 3.3% of humans are severely allergic to wasp or bee stings and getting stung could result in death.

Portland and Vancouver Pest Control CouponsHere are some of the basic differences between bees and wasps:

-Wasps is a broad category that includes yellow jackets and hornets.

-Wasps eat other insects, but bees feed exclusively off nectar from flowers.

-Bees collect pollen, but wasps do not.

-Bees can only sting once and then will die, but wasps can sting multiple times.

It is important to know the difference because honey bees are protected and can only be exterminated if they pose a threat to humans.  Honey bee populations have been dying off at an alarming rate and nobody really knows why.  Since they are good for the environment, we never want to exterminate them unless we have to.  If you have questions on other alternatives to getting rid of honey bees, click here.

Wasps are more aggressive than bees and pose a greater risk to stinging people.  Wasp nests can be in trees, under eaves and even underground depending on the species.

What You Can Do:

If you are willing to risk getting stung, you can try treating them yourself.  If you do this, we recommend treating them in the early morning when they are less active.

What We Can Do:

We have the correct equipment and expertise to eliminate bees and wasps safely.  Our treatments are fast acting and effective and usually will cost less than $100 with a coupon.

If you have bee or wasp nests that are posing a threat and would like some assistance, we would welcome your call.  We can set up a free consultation or at least answer a few questions.