Squirrel Control

Portland Oregon squirrel controlDespite being in the rodent family, squirrels are far more well liked than other rodents such as rats and mice.  They do not have to search too hard to find food, because many home owners set out food for them.  They are cute and fluffy and people generally like to have them around, but they are certainly capable of causing damage to your home.  Our method of squirrel control is to do safe and humane trapping and exclusion work to keep your home from being damaged.

Free Pest Control InspectionThe type of squirrels that you typically see around your home are called the “Western Gray Squirrel”.  Surprisingly, they were briefly listed as a threatened species in Washington in 1993, but they have gradually made a comeback and can be seen in just about every neighborhood in the NW.  As a tree dwelling rodent, they generally cause problems in homes that have trees close to the structure.

If squirrels can’t find food left out for them by home owners, they generally will eat pine seeds, and acorns.  They have also been known to eat some fruits and even fungi.  Since they can’t digest cellulose, they tend to consume as much protein and carbohydrates as they can.

As with other rodents, squirrels have teeth that never stop growing, which make it necessary for them to continually chew on things to file them down.  Sometimes this can mean parts of your home, especially if they are able to find their way into your attic where they can chew on wires and possibly create a fire hazard.  Squirrels will typically get into the attic under eaves or gables where gaps can sometimes exist.  In addition to damages caused by chewing, they can also create a lot of contamination by leaving urine and feces in the attic insulation.  Not to mention the fact that when they are in your attic, they are very noisy and can become quite the nuisance.

What you can do:

If you have trees close by the house, they are creating an easy way for squirrels to get on your roof.  If a squirrel doesn’t have easy access to your roof, you will probably not have to worry about them getting into your attic.  So, you should make it a little harder by trimming branches that overhang your roof.  Also, don’t feed them!

What we can do:

Our preferred method of control is to repair any entry points on the roof line.  Our extensive background in construction gives us the advantage in knowing how and where they can get into your home.  We also employ various humane trapping methods when necessary.

If you are interested in having your squirrel problems taken care of by a professional, please give us a call and we would be happy to help you.  We offer free inspections and estimates and can usually come out the same day that you call us.