Bird Control

Bird Control commercialBirds can be beautiful and pleasant to have around your property. Many people enjoy watching them and hearing them sing, but they can also be very messy and leave a structure looking disgusting!  This is especially true for pigeons, but lots of birds can cause you trouble.  Nobody likes to look at the mess that they leave behind and they can definitely leave a substantial mess in their wake.  This is where our service comes in.  We have developed a method that effectively and humanely keeps birds off of your home or structure and keeps it looking clean.

Free Pest Control InspectionWe are not looking to kill or harm birds, just simply deter them.  We are able to accomplish this by installing screens, netting, repellents and other materials that make it difficult for them to land and create a nest.  Typically, birds are not going to work harder than they need to and if they find that your home or structure is not suitable for them to make their nest on, they are very likely to just move on and try out your neighbors home or somewhere else.

We take on all kinds of bird control jobs.  We have done small residential jobs and also larger commercial jobs.  So, no matter the scope of the project, we would be happy to help you.

What You Can Do:

As mentioned earlier, birds are just looking for an easy place to land that provides some shelter.  Usually this is under an eave.  If you are comfortable with heights, you can try to screen those areas off.  Also, if it is accessible, you can clean off the droppings they leave on your roof.  Here is the product that we recommend using.

What We Can Do:

When it comes to bird control, there are literally hundreds of ways to go about it.  Our strategy is to implement a system that is humane, effective and not an eyesore.  There are plenty of ways to get this done effectively that require the right equipment and expertise that we have.  We also will take the time to clean the mess that the birds left behind using an effective “green” cleaning product that will not damage your roof.

If you have questions about bird control or would like to set up a free-no obligation inspection and estimate, we would love to hear from you.  Please call usor use the contact form on this page.