Beetle Pest Control

Carpet beetle in Portland, OregonBelieve it or not, beetles are the largest of any species on earth!  They make up an astounding 25% of all animal life forms and 40% of all insects.  So, since there are so many of them, it would not be possible for us to list them all here.  Instead, we will discuss the two most common beetle issues that you are likely to encounter here in the Portland Metro area.

Portland and Vancouver Pest Control CouponsCarpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are multi-colored beetles that look like a small lady bug with varied, almost camouflage like coloring on it shell.  These beetles are commonly associated with bird nests and infestations often show up after discovering birds in the attic.  However, they can be brought into the home several different ways.  They begin life as larvae and look like a tiny and densely hairy, caterpillar with alternating dark brown and light brown stripes.  While in the larvae stage they feed off fibers in your carpet, furniture and clothing and can make holes that look almost like a cigarette burn.  As an adult they no longer feed off these things and begin to reproduce.  Eggs are commonly laid in air ducts, closets, furniture and underneath baseboards.

Wood Boring Beetles

Wood boring beetles are usually found underneath the home in the crawlspace.  Most commonly the beetles are found a few years after a home was built if the lumber used had eggs in it.  Fortunately, many of the wood boring beetles that are found in newer homes do not re-infest the wood under your house because they will only infest living wood/trees.  However, many will and should be inspected by a pest control company or an entomologist.  Active infestations can be verified by small holes in the wood with “frass” or fine sawdust underneath.  Common wood boring insects in the Pacific Northwest include powder post beetles and ambrosia beetles and are often found in crawlspaces that are damp and not ventilated well.

What you can do

As a home owner, you can do some preventative measures to try an avoid these beetles.  Since carpet beetles are closely associated with bird nests, you can ensure that there are no entry points where birds can get in.  Also, since wood boring beetles are attracted to damp crawl spaces, you can make sure that your home is well ventilated.

What we can do

Our company carries a variety of products that can easily control both of these beetle issues.  With carpet beetles we use an effective non-repellent product that we treat all the baseboards and carpeted areas of the home.  With wood boring beetles we employ borate products that are absorbed into the wood of your home and will last  a lifetime protecting your home.

If you would like assistance in bringing beetles under control in your home, we would gladly help you.  Please give us a call and see how we can help you!