Portland and Vancouver Flea ControlA flea is a pest that can really bother and annoy every member of your home.  They are external parasites that feed off blood and leave behind an itchy bite that can cause a lot of discomfort to you and your pets.  Once fleas take up residence in your home, they can be very difficult to get rid of and can reproduce very quickly.  So, it is critical that you get these things under control quickly before they get out of hand.

Portland and Vancouver Pest Control CouponsIf you are looking to place the blame on where the fleas came from, it is easy to point fingers at the dog or cat, but there might be other sources as well.  For example, raccoon’s, rodents and other wildlife are infested with fleas and can often be found nesting underneath your home without you even being aware of it.  Of course, your first step should be checking your pets for fleas and applying flea medication.  We recommend Advantage or Frontline and found that those two flea treatments work better than the rest.


A flea really only has two goals in life and they are to suck blood and reproduce.  A female flea can lay about 20 eggs at a time and about 5,000 in her lifetime!  Even worse, it only takes about 3 to 4 weeks for a flea to go from egg to adult.  So, as you can imagine, this is a problem that can quickly get out of hand without addressing it right away.


Just about every home that we go to we find that our customers have tried something before calling us, so we know what doesn’t work.  There are some over the counter products that can help, but nothing that we have seen that really takes care of the problem.  The one product that we have found to be very counterproductive that is commonly used are “flea bombs”.  This is basically a low level repellent that can drive fleas deeper into hiding and scatter them with very little effect.

What You Can Do:

Vacuuming has proven effective in picking up flea eggs.  Flea eggs do no adhere to anything and when laid in the fur of an animal, they just roll off your pet when it walks around.  This means that flea eggs can be all around the house.  Diligently vacuuming can pick up a lot of these strays.  After vacuuming, be sure to empty your bag or container outside

What We Can Do:

As a pest control company, we have the right products that are needed to get a flea infestation under control.  We use highly effective, “green” products that quickly bring relief to all your pest problems.

If you are having issues with fleas and would like some assistance, we would love to help you.