Happy Valley, Oregon is a small community that is part of Clackamas County.  The city boasts some great views and also is the home of Mount Scott, an extinct volcano that is part of the Boring Lava Field.  With a nice mixture of suburban homes and rural areas, Happy Valley Pest Control is sometimes needed.

New Leaf Pest Control services Happy Valley and all of the Clackamas County surrounding area.  In our experience, the most common call that we get from customers in this area is for rodents.  Mice are common in all rural areas, but can also commonly be found in urban areas as well.  Rats are not as common in Happy Valley, but we do get calls for them as well.

Next, we also get quite a few customers that are having infestations from sugar ants and from carpenter ants.  Sugar ants are those tiny black ants that infest your kitchen and bathroom and are pretty tough to get rid of.  Carpenter ants are actually easier to get rid of, but are a type of wood destroying pest that can damage your home.  We have treatments available for sugar ants, carpenter ants and rodents starting at just $98.00 for our basic treatment.

If you are interested in having an exterminator come out and take care of your pest problems, we would be happy to help.  Please give us a call or use the contact form to the right.  We can usually schedule initial inspection for Happy Valley, Oregon within about 24 hours after you contact us.  We hope to hear from you soon!