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Cockroaches can reproduce about as fast as any species on the planet.  A female will lay about 20 to 48 eggs at a time and have up to 1000 babies in her lifetime.  Since it only takes about 90 days for a cockroach to become a mature adult, the reproduction rate can multiply at an incredibly fast pace.  It is for this reason that it is essential to get your home treated quickly before the problem gets out of hand.

Portland and Vancouver Pest Control CouponsCockroaches will typically be found in areas of the home that provide warmth and water. Usually this is in the kitchen underneath the refrigerator or behind the stove, but they can also be found in bathrooms, utility rooms or near the water heater.  Remember, cockroaches do not hang out by themselves, so if you are seeing one, there are probably hundreds or thousands that you are not seeing.

It can be difficult to determine how the cockroaches got into your home.  Most likely, you may have brought them into your home from them “hitchhiking” on food products that you purchased at the grocery store.  It really is not anything that you should be ashamed of because cockroaches can infest any home.

Cockroaches have been known to present certain health risks, so it is important to address them right away.  Studies have shown that 33 different kinds of bacteria can be spread from cockroaches.  Also, allergens from their fecal matter are capable of triggering asthma attacks.

What You Can Do:

Cockroaches are really looking for just three essential things.  They need food, water and warmth in order to survive and thrive.  Since you probably cannot do anything about eliminating the warmth, you should focus on eliminating their food and water.  Wipe down your sink and counters so that you do not leave drops of water behind and do a deep cleaning of your kitchen.  Pay special attention to the grease around the stove and pull out the refrigerator and oven and do a good mopping.

What We Can Do:

Cockroaches are such a difficult pest to take care of because of their reproduction rate and it is important to not waste a lot of time.  If you are trying to stop the problem with store bought products, you are probably not going to get very far.  We have the most advanced products on the market and the experience to go with it.  We can come in and get cockroaches under control quickly and design a specific treatment plan to knock them out for good.

If you are experiencing a cockroach infestation in your home and need some help, please give us a call.  We would love to set up a free inspection or at least answer a few questions.  Please let us know if we can help you.