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Over the past decade of serving the Ridgefield, Washington area, we have observed that the most common pests in the area are sugar ants and rodents.

Sugar ants (also called “odorous house ants”) are those tiny black ants that tend to show up in the kitchen and bathroom.  Just about every home will have these ants at some point and they can be pretty tough to get rid of.  For example, many times the ant problem can be made worse when using over the counter products such as Raid or similar repellent sprays.  This is because sugar ants can sense the repellent quality of the sprays and will begin reproducing at a higher rate to compensate.  It can also set off a process known as “budding” where the ants begin to set up satellite colonies to spread out around your home.  Once either of these things happen, it can make it quite difficult to get things under control.

It is also quite common to see rodents in the area.  Ridgefield has a small town area and a lot of rural areas, which are conducive to mice activity.  You may not even realize that you have mice because they are often living in the insulation in your crawlspace.  They can be very good at gaining access to your home by digging underneath your foundation or finding tiny openings and squeezing through.  If you live a home near fields or wetlands, there is a very good chance that you have mice.

Whether you are dealing with ants or mice or any other pest issue, we can help!  We would love a chance to earn your business and offer free inspections, so call New Leaf Pest Control today.