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Termite Control PortlandAt New Leaf Pest Control in Portland, we understand that effective pest control starts with a thorough inspection. Through years of training and experience, we have developed a methodical and systematic inspection process that allows us to accurately assess and identify the type of termites you are dealing with and the severity of the infestation. When our technicians are inspecting your property that are certain identifying markers that we will look for, including wood damage, mud tubes, discarded wings, exit holes, and droppings. As we are located in the Pacific Northwest, we experience a lot of rain. Wood structures that have a moisture problem are ideal places for termites to inhabit. In addition to areas with high moisture, our technicians will also look closely at areas where the wood and ground make contact. Some species of termites live in the ground but will emerge to feed on the wood.

Types of Termites

There are several species of termites, but on the West Coast, we typically only see a few, mostly subterranean and damp wood.

Subterranean Termites

This species of termites live underground in colonies that can number over a million. They build tubes of mud that lead from their nest in the ground to the wood source that they are feeding on. They typically will be drawn to moist or rotting wood, but are not limited to just that. Subterranean termites are small and white, depending on their role within the colony (worker, warrior, etc.). Reproductive termites are black with wings and have a two-segmented body and look very similar to a carpenter ant. Of the two types of termites that we have in the Pacific NW, these are by far the most destructive. If you see what you think are subterranean termites, we recommend addressing it right away so that it doesn’t cost you a lot more later in damages to your home.

Dampwood Termites

This type of termite is not quite as destructive as their subterranean relative because they are only drawn towards the wood that is moist, rotting, or decaying. They are easier to identify because of their large, red, two-segmented body, and wings. If you see these termites swarming around your home, you might want to look for a potential moisture problem.


Termite Treatment

Termites are the most destructive wood-destroying pest in the world and account for billions of dollars in damages each year. In warmer, humid climates, they are far more prevalent than they are here in the Pacific NW. However, although not as common, they are just as damaging when they are found in homes and should be taken very seriously.

Treating for Dampwood Termites

Termite Treatment PortlandThese types of termites are most attracted to damp wood, hence their name. You will typically find these termites infesting wood that is in contact with the ground, as it is the most likely to have a moisture problem. The most effective treatment against these pests is moisture control. Preventing the wood from being wet and decaying is the best way to repel damp wood termites. During treatment for these pests, it is often necessary to replace the damaged wood and treat the property with baits and preventative products. The bait systems are used to attack the termites and spread a poisonous consumable throughout the entire colony. Preventative pest treatment products can be injected into the wood to deter other termites from returning.

Treating for Subterranean Termites

These types of termites are far more damaging than other species. Immediate pest control is vital to prevent further destruction of property. Similar to treating for damp wood termites, the use of repellents is useful to prevent the return of these insects. Aside from that, there are other treatments, including termiticides and bait systems. We have found that termite bait systems are the most effective at eliminating the entire colony. It is important to have our technicians perform a thorough inspection before treating to ensure we use the most effective products and know where on the property to treat.

Termite Exterminator

Look for conducive conditions. Usually, this comes in the form of old tree stumps, firewood, or other decaying wood. Removing these conditions can go a long way in keeping them under control, although it will not eliminate them.

Termite treatments are among the most extensive, labor-intensive treatments that we offer. Because of their destructive nature, it becomes critical to treat them the correct way. We have a lot of experience and expertise in treating for termites. We stand behind our work and offer lengthy warranties for our treatments.

If you are concerned that you might have termites damaging your home, we recommend giving us a call. We would love to set up a free termite inspection or at least answer a few of your questions.

Termite Damage

If you see signs of termites around your property, you should call a pest control company immediately for treatment. This is one pest that you don’t want to ignore. An average colony of termites consists of about 60,000 insects. This amount of termite can cause serious damage to your home. Many times termite damage is not covered on house insurance. These tiny insects cause billions of dollars worth of damage every year. If you see termites or signs of termites, you must give us a call to have one of our technicians perform a thorough inspection. At that point, we will confidentially inform you of the severity of your situation. If you have caught them early enough, treatment can be relatively simple. But if there is a well-developed colony spread out over the property, it can be more complicated to treat.