Spider Control

Spiders tend to follow a food source and can be more than just a nuisance. When you need spider control in Portland it can be difficult to pinpoint where and why they are getting in. New Leaf Pest Control are your local spider experts. We’ll take care of your existing spider problem and help you to secure your property from any more eight legged invaders.

Your Spider Extermination Professionals

Spider problems can occur for a number of reasons, and they often increase during spring. This is because many insects are most active in the spring and early summer. Spiders follow food sources and if your home is attracting other insects it will often attract spiders. There are some spider species that you may find any time, including the black widow. These aren’t the only poisonous spider native to the Northwest. Though we always advise professional spider control to ensure safety and reduce the likelihood of re-occurrence, there are some steps you can take to help reduce your homes appeal to arachnids.

  • Clearing natural and man-made debris from the perimeter of your home eliminates places for spiders to live during colder winter months.
  • Removing any spider webs you find will help to discourage spiders from remaining in your home.
  • Sealing gateways into your home like door and window cracks will remove entry points that spiders frequently use.
  • Don’t use outdoor lighting. This will attract insects to your property and subsequently attract more spiders as well.

We’ll inspect your property for free, and offer no-obligation consultations afterwards. This allows us to analyze your problem, identifying the infestation type and best methods for spider control in Portland. We’ll present our findings to you and move forward if you decide to proceed. Our technicians are trained in the safe removal of poisonous spiders as well as common household spider removal.

Our spider control services can give you your house back. We don’t stop there though. Excellent service means helping you to keep your problem away. Our technicians will let you know if they find any potential problem areas and items that may be contributing to your spider problem. Since spiders can be difficult to tell apart, if you are unsure whether a spider is poisonous or not it is always safer to call (503) 389-3396 or Contact Us today for professional spider control in Portland.

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