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Knowledge is power…

Cameron shared his extensive knowledge of ant and termite behavior with us, which gave assurance that we didn’t have a structurally damaging problem. And then he climbed under the house to discover the extent of our ant issue and efficiently baited their full route with borate that isn’t harmful to mammals. Bye bye, ants! Thanks, New Leaf!

Alex and Marc Liverman

Exceeded Expectations

When Nathan was at my house to treat for ants, He was very professional and went beyond my expectations.

Joseph B.

New Leaf Rescue

So far so good. We recently purchased a home that had a “critter issue” in the crawl space and attic. The “unnamed” company, hired by the previous owner, was supposed to do the remediation, but left a lot to be desired.

I checked reviews for crawl space services and came across New Leaf. Based on the reviews I gave them a call, as I also wanted to address water in the crawl space. Matt came out to do an inspection. I mentioned the previous rodent issue that was supposed to have been addressed.

Matt went into the crawl space and came out about 40 minutes later, so I knew he had taken the time to check things out. He indicated we did have water in the crawl space and he felt a French drain would resolve it. In addition he noted that there were still signs of rodent feces, so the crawl space had not been thoroughly cleaned and there was contamination in the insulation. As such he recommended complete removal and replacement of the insulation, as well as decontamination and replacement of the vapor barrier. (These were all things we thought the other company had done). I asked Matt if he would also check the attic and he did, noting that it appeared to have been done properly. I addressed this with the seller and as he was having problems with the “unnamed” company, we agreed to move forward with New Leaf.

The New Leaf office staff set up dates to take care of the remediation and French drain. The staff worked with us on the billing and offered a nice discount. At a later date I decided to wait on the French drain and the staff rewrote the bill and still gave us a discount. Once Matt’s crew showed up and started to do the work on the remediation, I changed my mind again and decided to go ahead and do the French drain as well. The staff was super about setting up a new date to complete the French drain and still provided the discount we had talked about. We had to set up the date for the French drain for after the remediation, which is kind of backwards to the norm, but New Leaf was really flexible. The French drain won’t be in until mid December, so I can’t really comment on that portion of the job, but will do a follow up review.

As for the remediation, Matts crew did a great job and earned every penny of what it cost. There were up to four people there at any one time. They taped off the ingress egress from the crawl space to the front of the house to protect the walls and carpeting. Matt took pictures under the crawl space and of the insulation to show the contamination that was still present. The crew was there for three days. They were respectful of the property and cleaned up each day. Matt and John were very patient with all my questions. I would definitely recommend them if you needed work done.

There will be a follow up review once the French drain is completed.

We received a nice hand written thank you from the office staff and look forward to having the French drain completed in the next few weeks..


Great Service

I highly recommend New Leaf. Great thing they us bait that is non toxic to children and pets. My dog ate a small amount of the bait and did not have any ill effects. The staff is pleasant and pricing is good.

Richard Wendt

New Leaf, Pest control

My crawl space was taken over by mice. Believe it or not, they destroyed all the insulation. I hired the best In the Northwest. New leaf has an amazing crew, right from the office staff to the installation crew. The entire vapor barrier and insulation had to be replaced. They were so careful not to contaminate the rest of the home, so they sealed off the living space and I was so grateful for that. Matt and Cameron were awesome to work with. Crawl spaces are no fun to work in, but these guys were always courteous and so very kind.

Jaz Bennett

Pest Control

One of my rentals had a bad oder, ” DEAD RATS ” in the crawl space, worst yet, in the insulation. I called New Leaf, a guy came out next day went under the house in his jump suit, gave me a bid. Came out the next business day with 3 guys, did all the work they bid and more.
BOTTOM LINE. My renter was happy, told me what a great job they did, how polite they were, how hard they worked. She gave there name to her son for some crawl space work.
This is a good company, great work ethics. Any crawl space problems I wouldn’t call anyone else.

Rick Grams

Full crawl space project – Beaverton OR

I purchased a home in Beaverton, OR that had a 2 year ongoing rat problem in the crawl space. Their inspector came out to give an estimation on the project and was extremely knowledgeable about the potential solution. Along with his expertise, Cameron was extremely personable and fun to talk with. Once the work was decided upon and the work began, it was nothing I have seen before. There was a full team working a smooth an efficient operation. Thoroughly impressed when I came home to see the crew working. The crawl space is clean enough, and properly sealed from re-entry, that anybody could comfortably crawl in to the crawl space. Would highly recommend them for any of their services.

Jarret L

Long Time New Leaf Customers

New Leaf has helped us with a squirrel in the attic, silverfish bugs, and water issues and mice in the crawlspace. Over the handful of years I’ve used them, they have always been easy to work with, professional, and courteous. For the very large job under my house, they were a fraction of the cost I was quoted from a competitor. We now get regular maintenance with them, and it is comforting to know the house is protected from bugs, wildlife, and water! I recommend them highly.

Emily H

good job!

Matthew came by – he’s my regular person, and it is VERY NICE to have the same person coming because he already knows the issues at my house. He reviewed my situation with the rats in the yard, we looked over the things I had already done to mitigate the problem, and came up with two additional suggestions – and two additional bait boxes. He’s coming back tomorrow to fix something that our well-intentioned work did not resolve. This company is far superior to the one I used before. It’s a bit more expensive, but far better.

Andrea Gillaspy

Great service!

Matthew was extremely friendly and shared with me a lot of good tips. He took care of our mice and ant problem. He said that if they don’t go away in 7 days, I can call him and he’ll come back out and treat again at no charge. The price was reasonable and the service was quick.

Kevin J.

Breanna Pitman suggested I use New Leaf. Matt Lerma got here when he said he would and did such a great job eliminating the wasps that were swarming outside and inside. I cannot say enough about the great customer service, kindness and patience both of them showed a very freaked out grandma. Thank you again and will always recommend this company.

Erika Carey

Found the best, won’t need the rest

I made a mistake. Trapped a skunk that was destroying my lawn in a conventional Have-A-Heart cage. Now what? If I get anywhere close to it, it will surely spray me. In hindsight, I should have wrapped the cage in cardboard or fabric before setting it, because a captured skunk usually won’t spray in tight quarters or if they can’t see a threat approaching.

SOLUTION: Found Cory at New Leaf Wildlife Control, who came out that day. He managed to shroud the cage without a spraying, transport it to his truck, and relocate the skunk to a wildlife location. It was amazing to watch him work…”the skunk whisperer”. Very reasonable prices. Cory even took a look around my home and made recommendations about how to prevent future wildlife intrusions.

I am extremely impressed with Cory and New Leaf. I found the best and won’t need the rest. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Amazing service and people!

Cory McCollum is amazing and new leaf pest control is as well. We had a raccoon and 3 babies living under my deck and wanted them as humanely as possible. Cory worked with me on a plan that worked for both of us. He got the job done quickly and efficiently. Cory was very professional, knowledgable, and personable. My husband and I like him very much. Couldn’t have been more pleased with this company.

Adrienne Anderson

Great Company

New Leaf is a great example of what a locally owned and operated business should be.
From the first phone call you are talking to a real human who is both knowledgeable and pleasant. They live up to any and all promises they make and resolve any issues that may arise.
They are the best!


Skunk problem located and solved

Yesterday Corey came to our Tigard home and located our skunk problem and solved it! He crawled under our house and found the source of entrance and nesting sites. Fortunately the skunks were out for the day so no trapping was needed. Corey installed 6 new vent screens and decontaminated our crawl space. I called on Friday and they set up an appointment for Saturday. I would recommend New Leaf to anyone with critter problems. We have use a different company in the past. They set traps and trapped skunks, but did nothing to solve the problem like New Leaf did. Thank you!

Terri Mattila

Fantastic Service!!!!!

I called several places to come out and deal with a hornets nest that was next to my sliding glass doors. Not only were New Leaf’s prices the BEST, so was the service. He came over within the hour I called and got rid of the bees and also gave me sample packs for my ant problem. The bees are gone and I so are the ants! He is VERY knowledgeable and tries to stay “green” if he can, which I love. The ant bait he gave me is safe for people and animals, but not to ants. That’s a big deal to me. If I ever have any other pest problems in the future, I will definitely be calling New Leaf again. I highly recommend them!!!! Thank you so much!

Teresa Miller

Exceptional Service!

We have a nuisance beaver in one of our larger wet retention ponds causing some maintenance concerns. New Leaf, specifically Cory McCollum, has provided exceptional service. We had a Bring Your Child to Work Day and thought it would be important to have a nature component and thought beavers would provide an interesting focus. Cory was willing to help assist in the event and his expertise was impressive to both kids and their parents. I think this simple act speaks volumes to the type of service New Leaf provides for their customers and community. Thank you New Leaf!

Phillip Martello

Just Terrific In Every Way

Just terrific in every way. Super accommodating very easy to deal with, do a great job, Did the house we are living in recently just purchased a house with major bee problems. They came today, 12 days before move in and handled everything inside and out. Gave us a great price, since they just did our rental.

David F.

Great Coupon Pricing

New Leaf Pest arrived the next day to install 1 bait station for their advertised coupon rate. We were looking for a cheap treatment option to satisfy the buyers of our house and found it with New Leaf Pest. Would definitely use again!

Rebecca B.

Great company

We discovered a water leak and damage in our crawlspace which by several other company’s estimates, (which took a week to 10 days to respond) would require extensive and EXPENSIVE clean up and renovation.
We called New leaf and they responded with a prompt inspection and a detailed description of what needed to be done. They gave us a very reasonable estimate, and scheduled work to begin within a short time. They are prompt, professional, friendly and easy to work with and provided us with excellent service. We had to postpone some of their crawl space work because of plumbing and beam repairs that had to be done first. They were flexible and willing to work around our other workmen’s schedules.
We happily give them 5 stars and, though we hope this never happens again, we would call them again for any crawl space problems. The whole team is great.

Len Freeman

No More Ants!

We called and got a quote, and a few days later Jordan was at our house working his magic. He was so friendly and informative . . .and guess what? NO MORE ANTS!!!! We were fighing them on our own, with no luck for weeks and weeks. I am so happy we finally go our act together and made the call. Definitely worth it.

Gabby K

Excellent Service

My husband and I were doing a refi on our home and one of the conditions was that we needed a termite inspection. We called New Leaf Pest Control and talked with Jordan and set an appt and time. Jordan arrived right on time and very courteous and professional. He explained to me what he was going to do and the whole process took just a few minuets. He also informed me that we had another issue down there and we agreed that we would have that resolved shortly. We highly recommend New Leaf Pest Control to all our friends. Thanks Jordan and New Leaf Pest Control!

Linda Rushing

Very Helpful

I needed quick help assessing my crawl space as a part of a real estate interaction. Jordan from New Leaf, responded quickly and was able to look at my space the same day. He was very open and helpful, providing practical solutions to my problem. He also provided a bid, and a time frame as to when the work could be completed. If my real estate deal had fallen through, I would definitely have used this company, and have recommended their services to my realtor. He helped bring clarity to my decision making process, and I was very grateful for that. Thank you Jordan.

Audrey F.

Great Company!

Great company. We will see how the ant issue is in 30 days. But really enjoyed the company. They came out and listened to my issues about my ants. I have never had a house sprayed for ants so was very glad that he listened to all my questions.

After he sprayed my house he asked me if there was anything else I wanted treated before he left. He made sure I was happy with the work before he left. Enjoy companies who take the extra steps to make customers happy.

Stacey M.

Quality Work

I had to get a sump pump installed, and have some trenching done under a rental house I own. These guys were able to schedule the work weeks sooner than other firms, their price was the same as or lower than other bids I had received, and they did quality work. Jordan was very responsive via phone and email. I will call them again in the future, should I ever need more of this kind of work done.

Laura H

Very Professional

I just wanted to write in to say how impressed we were with Jess. He was very professional, explained things well and seemed to do a very thorough job. Thank you for getting rid of our ants!

Lou V.

These Guys are great!

The office is wonderful with customer service and the technician that came out was very kind, courteous and helpful. I felt very comfortable with everybody here and just wanted to pass it along.

Joan M.

Thank you

Jess was wonderful. He put me at ease and made me feel that I wasn’t being taken advantage of. We had several other pest control companies come out to quote us on treatments, but Jess was by far the best. I just want you to know that I chose your company because of him. He was great!

Nicole O.

Patient and professional

I just wanted to take the time to let everyone know that Nathan really set my mind at ease solving all my problems and answering all my questions. He was very patient and professional.

Peter T.

Highly recommended

Jesse treated for carpenter ants and was a Super Great Guy!

Paul C.

Great company to work with

Showed up on time, price was the same as quoted over the phone. No more spiders! Highly recommend.

Scott H.