Pest Treatment

Pest Treatment Portland

With a variety of different options for pest treatment in Portland you may not be sure where to turn. At New Leaf Pest Control we make the decision easy. Targeted pest treatments, green products, and a no obligation inspection process are just some of the reasons locals consistently choose us for their pest treatment in Portland. Call us today to order pest treatment services (503) 389-3396.

No Risk Pest Inspections

Every pest treatment process begins with an evaluation. There are some major differences between our inspections and those of our competitors. For a consumer to make a choice they can be happy with, they need control of the situation, time to think, and zero risk. That’s why our pre-pest treatment inspections are free.

We’ll come out to your business or home and perform a pest inspection for free. After the inspection we’ll go over our findings with you and provide an estimate for Portland pest treatment services. You’ll have as much time as you need to decide if you want to move forward with our environmentally friendly, guaranteed pest treatment in Portland.

Green Pest Treatments

One of the best ways to ensure you leave a green footprint while ensuring complete elimination of pests is with a green pest treatment Portland. We use a wide variety of green products, many of which are plant based, in order to provide effective, environmentally sound pest control. By using integrative pest management methodology we can treat specific areas of your property. This reduces the amount of product necessary while still providing complete pest treatment.

All of our services are tailored to your property and situation. We take into account animals, children, and carefully analyze your property for areas where pests reside and enter. Proactively reducing the recurrence of a pest problem is just one of the ways we ensure effective pest treatment. From insects to rodents and large mammals, we have a variety of green options that cover nearly every pest encountered in the Northwest. We are also trained in the effective use of traditional treatment options, but will use a green alternative whenever possible.

Our Pest Treatment Guarantee

We believe when you get pest treatment Portland it should come with peace of mind. You shouldn’t have to wonder what to expect and whether or not a recurrence will be covered. We’ll go over exactly what you can expect and put it in writing. If our pest treatments don’t perform as well as we’ve stated, we’ll come out and provide additional treatment for free.

If you care about your family, pets, and the environment, want a friendly low key inspection process with no obligation, and want to know exactly what your guarantee covers call (503) 389-3396 or contact us for pest treatment Portland today.

We provide a variety os pest control services to various locations. If you need wasp, termite, bed bug, or ant control in Camas, Portland, Vancouver or anywhere in between give us a call!