Vancouver Washington Pest Control

New Leaf Pest Control is a local, family owned pest control business right here in Vancouver, Washington.  We started this company with a few simple ideas.  We will treat our customers right, we will take care of their pest problem, and we will never make them feel pressured.  It is this business model that has allowed us to grow our business and interact with the people of the city that we live in.

When it comes to pest control in the city, it is kind of a mixed bag of issues.  Vancouver is not a really big city and does not struggle as much with some of the pests that are very common in bigger cities like bed bugs and rats, but it is big enough to have some problems in these areas.  We do have our fair share of pests in the area.  Carpenter ants seem to be the most common pest problem that we address for our customers in Vancouver.  Carpenter ants are actually the most common wood destroying pest that we have in the area and can do a considerable amount of damage if left unchecked.  We also come in contact with sugar ants quite commonly.  Sugar ants are not destructive in any way, but can be very much a nuisance.  Kitchens can be overrun with these pests fairly quickly and they are not easy to get rid of.  Finally, we all struggle with rodents from time to time in our area.  In rural settings, mice populations are extremely high and can wreak havoc under a home and do a lot of damage.  Many homes with mice problems will require a crawl space restoration over time due to the high levels of contamination that they can leave behind.

Regardless of what pest issues you are facing, we would love to be the company that takes care of you.  Call New Leaf Pest Control today to schedule your free inspection and estimate.