Insect Control

Some insects are a just a nuisance, but others destroy your property and cause severe health problems. If you’ve got an insect problem, you need are in need of insect control in Portland call us at (503) 389-3996. The experts at New Leaf Pest Control know Northwest insects well.

We’re experienced at controlling and eliminating infestations using a variety of techniques that have proven to be both safe and effective. Whenever possible we’ll employ green methods, providing targeted and environmentally friendly insect control in Portland. Our process occurs in several steps, so don’t wait to call if you want the best in local insect control.

Professional Insect Control

Insect Control Portland

  • Insect Control Consultation – We begin every visit with a free inspection. This gives us the chance to see the scope of the problem, identify what is causing your infestation, and determine the best course of action. After an inspection we’ll inform you of our findings and give you a clear explanation of our insect control recommendations and procedures. Different insects require different control methods. We may advise treatments, repairs, and preventative measures.

  • Insect Control Scheduling – If you decide to move forward with insect control in Portland we’ll do our best to schedule your treatment at a time that is most convenient to you. We understand the desire for fast action. That’s why we will always seek to accommodate any special requests regarding scheduling. We may need you at the home for indoor insect control, but may be able to perform outdoor insect control without entry to the property.

  • Integrated Insect Control – Our approach to insect control in Portland is an integrated one. That means we personalize our treatments to your property and your needs. We have a wide variety of green, safe methods for eliminating insect infestations. Our technicians use them whenever we determine they will provide equal or greater results than manufactured treatment options. Your satisfaction if one of our greatest priorities. If our insect control doesn’t conform to our written statements we’ll make it right.

When you’re looking for an efficient, trustworthy insect control company that protects the environment and your property, call (503) 389-3996 or Contact Us today.

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