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So far so good. We recently purchased a home that had a “critter issue” in the crawl space and attic. The “unnamed” company, hired by the previous owner, was supposed to do the remediation, but left a lot to be desired.

I checked reviews for crawl space services and came across New Leaf. Based on the reviews I gave them a call, as I also wanted to address water in the crawl space. Matt came out to do an inspection. I mentioned the previous rodent issue that was supposed to have been addressed.

Matt went into the crawl space and came out about 40 minutes later, so I knew he had taken the time to check things out. He indicated we did have water in the crawl space and he felt a French drain would resolve it. In addition he noted that there were still signs of rodent feces, so the crawl space had not been thoroughly cleaned and there was contamination in the insulation. As such he recommended complete removal and replacement of the insulation, as well as decontamination and replacement of the vapor barrier. (These were all things we thought the other company had done). I asked Matt if he would also check the attic and he did, noting that it appeared to have been done properly. I addressed this with the seller and as he was having problems with the “unnamed” company, we agreed to move forward with New Leaf.

The New Leaf office staff set up dates to take care of the remediation and French drain. The staff worked with us on the billing and offered a nice discount. At a later date I decided to wait on the French drain and the staff rewrote the bill and still gave us a discount. Once Matt’s crew showed up and started to do the work on the remediation, I changed my mind again and decided to go ahead and do the French drain as well. The staff was super about setting up a new date to complete the French drain and still provided the discount we had talked about. We had to set up the date for the French drain for after the remediation, which is kind of backwards to the norm, but New Leaf was really flexible. The French drain won’t be in until mid December, so I can’t really comment on that portion of the job, but will do a follow up review.

As for the remediation, Matts crew did a great job and earned every penny of what it cost. There were up to four people there at any one time. They taped off the ingress egress from the crawl space to the front of the house to protect the walls and carpeting. Matt took pictures under the crawl space and of the insulation to show the contamination that was still present. The crew was there for three days. They were respectful of the property and cleaned up each day. Matt and John were very patient with all my questions. I would definitely recommend them if you needed work done.

There will be a follow up review once the French drain is completed.

We received a nice hand written thank you from the office staff and look forward to having the French drain completed in the next few weeks..

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New Leaf Rescue

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