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Found the best, won’t need the rest

I made a mistake. Trapped a skunk that was destroying my lawn in a conventional Have-A-Heart cage. Now what? If I get anywhere close to it, it will surely spray me. In hindsight, I should have wrapped the cage in cardboard or fabric before setting it, because a captured skunk usually won’t spray in tight quarters or if they can’t see a threat approaching.

SOLUTION: Found Cory at New Leaf Wildlife Control, who came out that day. He managed to shroud the cage without a spraying, transport it to his truck, and relocate the skunk to a wildlife location. It was amazing to watch him work…”the skunk whisperer”. Very reasonable prices. Cory even took a look around my home and made recommendations about how to prevent future wildlife intrusions.

I am extremely impressed with Cory and New Leaf. I found the best and won’t need the rest. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Posted on by New Leaf Pest Control
Found the best, won’t need the rest

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