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How To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Home This Winter

How To Get Rid of Rodents

Rodents are everywhere in the Portland Metro area. Just about every home in the Pacific Northwest will have rats or mice (or both) at some point. Some homes, like those located in rural areas, are even more likely to encounter problems with rodents. So, what are some things that a responsible homeowner can do to keep them out? Well, I’m glad you asked.

1) Stop feeding them!

If you are a bird lover and are kind enough to keep food out for them, you are also feeding the rodents as well. In fact, by keeping a bird feeder, you are not only encouraging more rodents to check out your home, but also encouraging them to stay for a while and have babies. Rats and mice will always try and locate a nest near a food source. If you are feeding birds and are willing to risk the rodent issues, at least move it as far from home as possible or install a tray to catch the seeds that drop to the ground. In addition to bird seeds, be aware of other potential food sources around your home like pet food, garbage left outside, and composters. Remove and seal these food sources and let the rodents head over to your neighbor’s house for an easier meal.

2) Seal entry points

By far, the easiest way a rodent gets into your home is through openings in the crawl space foundation. Generally, the foundation vent screen is damaged or missing, creating easy access. Once underneath your home, mice and rodents will thrive and reproduce in your safe and warm crawl space. Before long, contamination and damages will build, and a crawl space restoration may be necessary. Do a quick walk around your property. Check each screen in the foundation and see if gaps or wires are going through. If damages are found, consider having a pest control company install a rodent-proof screen or, at the very least, put a foam insulator cap in its place.

3) Get your crawl space inspected for free

Most pest control companies in the Portland and Vancouver area offer free inspections. We do this because most crawl spaces need pest control or rodent control and would gladly submit a bid to address these issues. The problem is that most homeowners do not realize what problems exist underneath their homes and leave them neglected. Remember, an ounce of prevention is more significant than a pound of cure.

4) Preventative rodent treatments

If you live in an area with a high rodent population, you should consider doing a preventative rodent treatment. For example, areas in downtown Portland are notorious for rat issues, and rural regions for mice. Maybe you do not have rodent issues now, but you likely will in the future. By placing preventative rodent stations outside of your home, you can lower the population around your home and reduce the risk of them ever getting in. We offer this service for just $88. Click here for the coupon.

If you are currently struggling with rodent issues or are just trying to avoid them in the future, we can help! Just give us a call or shoot us an email.

Posted on by Jordan Wirkkala
How To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Home This Winter

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