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How To Get Rid Of A Bee Nest Without Getting Stung


Maybe you are like me, and you swell up like Will Smith in the movie “Hitch” whenever you get stung by a bee or wasp. Technically, we are all allergic to bee stings, but some of us are allergic to them. Some of us (about 3-4% of the population) are so allergic to them that we could die if we get stung! Either way, even if you are not the fatally allergic-type, none of us enjoy getting stung, so let’s walk through a few simple things that you can do to avoid it.

So, before getting into it, I want to mention that if you have a Honey Bee hive, don’t kill it. Honey Bees are dying off in huge numbers, and nobody knows why. They are protected, and you can only kill them if they pose a threat to you. For example, an area of high traffic near a doorway would be considered a threat. We want to keep Honey Bees because they are good for the environment, so be sure to identify what you have (Honey Bee, Yellow Jacket, etc.) before getting started.

Next, we are ready to get the job done. If you are going to do this yourself, you should probably know that it is always better to call in the professionals. If you have a large active hive, I would not recommend trying to take it down by yourself, but if you want to do it, here is what you need to know.

Get the right pest spray
I don’t think there is anything that is going to work great over-the-counter, but if you need something, I would recommend getting two things. First, grab something that has some knockdown to it. This would be something in an aerosol can that can shoot long distances. Second, I would get a type of spray that has some residual. Look for a product that has “Bifenthrin” as the active ingredient. Ortho Home Defense might be a good option here.

Do it in the morning or at night
Wasps and bees are active during the day, and the hotter it gets, the more active they get. You can usually pull off a pretty good sneak attack if you catch in the morning when all of them are still in the nest.

Approach the nest from a flanking position
Bees will typically fly in a figure-eight pattern. If you stand and watch for a minute, you will see their pattern. Standing in their flight path between them and their nest is a great way to get stung, so approach at an angle. Also, if you can stay out of the sunlight and remain in a shaded area, you are more likely not to draw attention.

Stay calm
This might be easier said than done, but freaking out is not going to help you here. Nothing draws attention more than running, screaming, and cursing.

Get in and get out
You have to hit them hard and walk away. There is going to be chaos in the nest, so do your thing and get out of there. If you are using store-bought products, you may have to repeat this process a few times to get it under control.

If none of this sounds appealing to you and you would like us to take care of it for you, we would be happy to assist you. Give New Leaf Pest Control a call, and we will gladly help. Click on our coupons for even more savings.

Posted on by Jordan Wirkkala
How To Get Rid Of A Bee Nest Without Getting Stung

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