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How To Get Rid of Black Beetles in Your House Vancouver WA

What Are These Black Bugs All Over The Outside Of My House?

How To Get Rid of Black Beetles in Your House

I had a customer call today that said black beetles were covering the outside of his home. Over the past week, he had seen only a few of them crawling around, and then suddenly, they are everywhere! What he saw all over his house was something called a “Box Elder Beetle.” They are black beetles with red/orange markings on their back that tend to congregate on the south side of your home, getting as much sun as possible. So, are these beetles harmful to your home, and what should you do about them? Well, I am glad you asked.

Fortunately, Box Elder Beetles are not harmful to your home structurally. These are strictly a nuisance pest, but they are quite a nuisance. In large numbers, you might start to notice fecal droppings on your siding. They also can squeeze through windows and doors and start showing up inside your home. They became especially annoying when they start buzzing around your head, and they will “dive bomb” people at times, making them a little threatening. Other than that, they cannot hurt you or your home.

Box Elder Beetle infestations usually start when you have them in a tree near your home. The beetles will fly from the tree and establish themselves on your siding on the south side of your home to get sun and reproduce. They are a seasonal pest and show up in high numbers almost overnight during the spring and fall in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington area.

Getting rid of them can happen in one of two ways. Fall infestations will die off naturally when the cold weather comes. If it is not a significant infestation, we might recommend just letting this process happen over time, if you can stand it. Otherwise, we can speed the process up for you with a pest control treatment directed towards the area on the home where they are congregating. Doing this will not only speed up the process but will also cut down on the number of beetles that would otherwise come back on the next round.

Of course, we would be happy to assist with any pest control treatments. If you are interested in having New Leaf Pest Control treat your home for box elder beetles, please contact us, and we would be happy to set up a time to have one of our technicians come to your home. For estimated pricing, appointment times, etc., please use the contact form to the right, and we would be happy to help you.

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What Are These Black Bugs All Over The Outside Of My House?

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