Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Treatment Portland

Bed bugs are becoming a larger problem every single year, especially in major metropolitan areas. Failing to get bed bug treatment in Portland from the professionals at New Leaf Pest Control can lead to a larger infestation. When left untreated these insects can also travel to the homes of friends or family. As intimidating as they might sound, bed bugs can be treated.

We have a variety of treatment methods at our disposal. Bed bug treatment in Portland is just one of several steps though. We begin every visit with a free inspection and consultation. This allows us to confirm the diagnosis, determine the scope of the problem, and present you with your options for bed bug treatment. We believe in no pressure sales, and after you are fully informed it’s up to you how we proceed.

Professional Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Treatment Portland

Every bed bug treatment we provide is custom created for your specific situation. Our integrated bed bug treatment in Portland provides the best opportunity for getting rid of bed bugs while leaving the smallest footprint on your property. Different areas call for different treatment solutions, and bed bugs can hide in a variety of places. Though homeowners typically associate them with mattresses and box springs, these pests would be much easier to handle if that was where they stayed. Bed bugs can be found in a variety of items including: beds, baseboards, heaters, vents, furniture, outlets, electronics, loose wallpaper, ceiling junctions, and more.

This is why professional treatment is so important. Our technicians have years of on the job experience and intense training in order to properly exterminate bed bugs. In order to eliminate bed bugs, multiple bed bug treatments are often required. We’ll always go over exactly what you can expect from our bed bug treatment in Portland, put it in writing, and guarantee it. There are signs you may have a bed bug infestation.

Bed Bug Infestation Signs

  • Rust colored or red stains on mattresses and bed sheets.
  • Tiny dark spots. These are bed bug excrement.
  • Eggshells and eggs are roughly 1mm. They are pale in color.
  • Live bedbugs. These insects are flat and roughly the width of a credit card.

If you believe you have a bed bug infestation, the time for bed bug treatment in Portland is now. Get it from the professionals who know bed bugs best. Call (503) 389-3396 or Contact Us today.

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