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Pest Management Portland

When you’re in need of pest management in Portland, you don’t have time to deal with unreliable, inexperienced companies that use potentially unsafe products, call us (503) 389-3396. Every minute you spend can cost you money in the form of property damage, a growing infestation, and increased management costs. You want a pest management company in Portland that has experienced local technicians who use the safest products on the market. You want New Leaf Pest Control.

There are a variety of things that truly set our pest management apart from the competition.

Your Local Green Pest Management Company

  • Green Pest Management – The term green gets used a lot, but companies don’t always consider it to mean the same thing. For us, green is synonymous with safe and effective. The products we use are environmentally sound, and are safe for both your family and your pets. We have traditional products as well, but consider these as alternatives. We always use the best method for the pest and situation, but whenever possible we use a green product that will provide effective and fast pest management in Portland.

  • Integrated Pest Management – How can you get more with less? Integrated pest management. We live by this process, and it involves creating custom plans for every property we treat. Pests are creatures of habit, and by using their own nature to our advantage we can provide incredibly effective treatments that are far more targeted than companies that don’t use an integrated approach. This can greatly reduce the exposure your property gets to pesticide products.

  • Comprehensive Pest Management – With a team of highly experienced technicians using the latest technology and procedures for pest management in Portland, we treat for a wide variety of pests in the Northwest. As a company founded in Portland on a set of principals including safety, honesty, and results, we strive to bring the greatest value to our customers. That means effective and affordable pest management for insects, rodents, and larger wildlife.

Pest Management Portland OR

When you want friendly, reliable pest management in Portland from a company that cares about your environment call (503) 389-3396 or Contact Us today.

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