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If you’ve seen one pest, odds are very good there are more. Call today and head them off (503) 389-3396. Most property pests create nests where they live, foraging for food and expanding these nests when a colony grows too large to support it. This expansion can often be to other areas of the property. The best way to be sure your property is safe is with a professional pest inspection in Portland from New Leaf Pest Control.

Having one of our experienced, trained technicians perform a pest inspection in Portland at your home or business can save you so much. Many pests have very fast breeding cycles and many make their habitats within the structure of your building. Certain types of ants and termites will destroy the integrity of your home. Rodents can chew at hard to reach electrical wires causing shorts in the system and expensive repairs. Cockroaches can even cause allergies in young children who’ve not previously shown symptoms before.

Northwest Pest Inspection Specialists

Pest Inspection Portland

We’re Northwest pest experts and our integrated approach to pest management gives us an edge during pest inspections. In order to properly identify and track the movements of rodents, insects, and larger animals you have to understand them. Our approach to pest management works with the nature of the specific creature, and in order to create custom plans our technicians have had to extensively train on how to locate and identify various pests in the Northwest.

We know the subtle differences between different species, their nesting habits, food preferences and seasonal variations in behavior. When you want a comprehensive pest inspection that provides a concrete determination, we deliver. After completing a pest inspection in Portland we’ll go over all of our findings with you. This includes what we believe you are infested with, whether we’ve found indications of spreading and where, any potential entry points we’ve discovered as well as where they may be gaining entry to the property. We’ll suggest how to proceed and give you as much time as necessary to make a decision.

When you’re ready for a professional pest inspection with¬†accurate, comprehensive results, call (360) 562-0650 or Contact Us today.

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