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Ant Control Portland

Ants can pose a major problem. They aren’t just an annoyance, and certain varieties can cause severe property damage. Improper treatment can actually make the problem worse, and that’s why you should always get professional ant control in Portland by New Leaf Pest Control. There are a number of reasons we stand apart.

As an ant control company in Portland that only uses green methods, we use the safest products available that still provide complete ant control. There are some species that respond particularly poorly to many common non-green products. These manufactured ant control methods can actually agitate certain varieties of ants causing them to relocate to other areas of your property. That’s why professional ant control in Portland from a name you can trust is so important. We treat a variety of ant infestations including:

Comprehensive Ant Control in Portland

Portland Ant Control

  • Carpenter Ants – Efficient ant control in Portland is imperative with a carpet ant infestation. These ants nest in wood, often making their homes in structural beams and other wooded areas. They frequently cause damage to homes, and can be identified by their larger bodies and signs of “frass.” Frass is sawdust like, and is left behind as they build tunnels.
  • Sugar Ants – These ants are found throughout the Portland area. They eat sugary substances and are attracted to food and scraps. They can be difficult to remove as they nest in your walls. If you believe you have them, do not remove them yourself. Typical store bought products can cause “budding.” This occurs when ants panic and they may move elsewhere in your home. You can easily identify sugar ants by crushing one. The smell they release is described as ammonia or gasoline like.
  • Pavement Ants – It can be difficult to tell the difference between pavement and sugar ants when looking at them. A crush test will quickly tell you which type it is. These ants regularly live below slabs and are much easier to take care of. Our green ant control in Portland can rid you of pavement ants while maintaining a safe environment.
  • Moisture Ants – Similar to carpenter ants, this species also inhabit wood in structures but prefer moist and rotting wood instead. We have ant control treatments that can rid you of these ants, but we recommend addressing any moist or rotting wood you may have to ensure they do not return.

We have a staff of highly trained ant exterminators and access to the best green options for ant control in Portland. When you want effective, environmentally responsible ant control in Portland call (503) 389-3396 or Contact Us today.

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